About Me I am a student at Georgia Tech majoring in Computer Science, with focuses on Computer Systems/Architectures and Artificial Intelligence. In my free time, I like to play tetris and volleyball with my friends, read Fantasy/Science Fiction novels, and watch NBA games.

Current Work:
Currently, I am performing undergraduate research on the applications of Artificial Intelligence for Art under Mark Leibert and Elizabeth Whitaker as part of Georgia Tech's Vertically Integrated Projects program. I also work as a teaching assistant for CS 2050 (Discrete Mathematics), assisting students in learning content during recitations and office hours. Finally, I run a data visualization blog called donotwink, where I explore trends in a variety of fields, including professional basketball, American politics, and technology.

Previous Work:
This past summer, I interned at Bank of America's Global Technology and Operations, working on multiple different projects. For one of these projects, I worked on a team building an API for uploading and streaming video content between Net Storage and a mobile app. I also helped streamline a application status system by writing SQL Alchemy ORM scripts for data extraction. Previously, I have also interned at Kennesaw State University, implementing a Capsule Neural Network for autonomous driving research, and worked as Wheeler High School's Policy Debate Coach, teaching the team members about policy debate and helping them prepare evidence for tournaments.
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